Our water filtration technology not only subtracting all pollutants – the water will also be mineralized with calcium & magnesium.


sustainable – healthy – cost saving
Our reverse osmosis system be.pure ENYA makes this possible.



The name ENYA origins from the celtics and means water of life.
The main characteristic of ENYA is the vividness, which transmits the pure water to humans.

With be.pure ENYA we’ve developed our own source of water, which brings the pure vividness to every situation of our lives.


Use cases


Benefits of the be.pure technology:


Best filtration

Compared to other systems, we can remove all organic pollutants & heavy metals up to a size of 0,1 nm by 99%.

  • 99,9% 99,9%

Reverse osmosis with mineralization

We’re not only subtracting all pollutants – the water will also be mineralized with calcium & magnesium, respectively deacidified by dolomit.


Double germ block

Our systems have compared to other systems two germ blocks. One at the waste water connection to prevent re-germination, and the second one at the water tap to prevent contamination from the outside.


Automatic flushing processes

After every water withdrawal or latest every 6 hours, the whole system will be flushed for 10 seconds. The complete system incl. osmosis cartridge will be cleaned – this is unique!

Water as a nutriment!


Our mission is to establish & value water as a nutriment globally!
A healthy organism only works with a sufficient water supply – therefore water is our most valuable asset, which is treated way too natural.
In order to protect our blue planet in the best possible way, it’s essential for us to use the available water and purify it with our optimal quality products – to make it accessible for all living beings.
Pure water is the solvent for our salts & minerals and it’s the transport vehicle for nutrients. But it doesn’t only deliver good things, water also helps our body to remove pollutants out of our bodies.




We only have one planet earth, and our task is to protect it as best as we can.
At be.pure we try to adapt every single process to our leading theme – the sustainability. Every year around 4.8 to 12.7 million tons of plastic are thrown into our oceans. Every person can take action and help reduce this abundance of waste. On average every family produces 30-40kg plastic waste only by using plastic bottles.