Our mission is to establish & value water as a nutriment globally!

Water as a nutriment


A healthy organism only works with a sufficient water supply – therefore water is our most valuable asset, which is treated way too natural.
In order to protect our blue planet in the best possible way, it’s essential for us to use the available water and purify it with our optimal quality products – to make it accessible for all living beings.

Pure water is the solvent for our salts & minerals and it’s the transport vehicle for nutrients. But it doesn’t only deliver good things, water also helps our body to remove pollutants out of our bodies.

Most humans always pay attention to the quality of their food, but food in general is only a small part of our nutrition.
That’s why we always strive for the appreciation of water as a nutriment and inspire as many people as possible for our mission.


Taste of Austria

You can recognize the best water by its taste!
The dolomit delivers us the right amount of magnesium and calcium. With the right dosage it’s possible to get the typical be.pure taste.
Our taste matches pure & clear spring water.


Important functions of our fortified minerals:


Calcium is one of the most essential components to ensure bone growth and healthy teeth. Without this mineral, bone and teeth stability might decline.


Calcium is needed in order to guarantee the switch between muscle tension and relaxation. Magnesium is an additional enhancer of this process.


Our nervous system could not function properly without enough calcium intake. An imbalance in our calcium levels might result in nerve dysfunction or worse, might lead to psychotic illness. Balanced calcium levels ensure steady signal transmissions between nerve cells which leads to a clear mind.

Blood clotting

Calcium is a key part of blood clotting. This mineral is responsible to help stop bleeding as it is a crucial component of the clotting factor.

Energy metabolism

Mental and physical efficiency is based on calcium. The energy metabolism would be negatively impacted without the mineral and one could not reach their full capacity.

Protection against allergies

A balanced calcium level has beneficial effects against allergies as it prevents the spreading of histamines in human tissue. In order to reach the body’s full potential, an automatic calcium adjustment takes place. A decreasing mineral content will be compensated by internal calcium reservoirs inside the bones.


It might surprising how important magnesium is for the human organism. Well rested sleep, heightened concentration, improved muscle performance – it all is dependent on a balanced level of magnesium. This mineral influences many processes in the human body: nervous system, blood flow, cell supply, protein synthesis and immune system would not be able to function without the micronutrient.